L.O.L. Surprise! Deluxe Present Surprise with Limited Edition Sprinkles Doll and Pet(Teal)

  • 99,000 ₮
    Үнэ per 

  • Unbox the perfect gift including a limited edition Miss Partay doll and her pet, Partay Puppay.
  • Each package comes already wrapped in a fabulous gift package with a bow and tag.
  • Fizzy surprise unboxing experience reveals doll and pet. Unbox fashions and accessories hidden in confetti and sand surprises.
  • Bathe your doll and pet for a surprise color change.
  • Includes party accessories for doll, including party banner, party game and party invitation.
  • 2 styles to collect.
  • ***Fizz is not for bathtub use; Do not touch fizz until fully dissolved

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